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Australian Study Looks at CBD as Possible Preventative Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease

By |2018-03-20T12:03:34-06:00March 20th, 2018|Blogs|

The untreated AD mice demonstrated a social recognition deficit, which was not apparent in the CBD-treated AD mice.  Researchers stated that their "findings provide the first evidence that CBD may have potential as a preventative treatment for AD with a particular relevance for symptoms of social withdrawal and facial recognition.”

Could CBD Treat Leukemia?

By |2018-03-01T11:46:45-06:00March 1st, 2018|Blogs|

Cannabidiol treatment led to a significant decrease in tumor cell levels, as well as, a decrease in leukemic cell viability and the induction of apoptosis. The results of the study showed that CBD may be a viable treatment for leukemia.