Preliminary Research Claims CBD Could Help Treat Acne

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has the ability to regulate the endocannabinoid system which controls multiple physiological processes.  Along with being a known anti-inflammatory, researchers are continuously learning more about the pharmacological profile of this natural plant compound and its potential applications; one such study examined how CBD could help those suffering from acne.

In 2014, researchers studied the effects of cannabidiol on human sebaceous (secretion) glands. Their findings showed that CBD has a highly effective sebostatic effect, reducing skin oil production.  When CBD was applied to cultures of human skin and sebocytes, it inhibited the lipogenic effects of other compounds.  Combined with its anti-inflammatory properties, their findings suggest that CBD could be a promising treatment for those suffering from acne.

Millions of individuals struggle with persistent, unwanted acne and often resort to treating it with caustic chemical formulations.  We look forward to more research on how CBD may be used for as an effective acne treatment.

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