CBD May Stop the Spread of Ovarian Cancer

//CBD May Stop the Spread of Ovarian Cancer

CBD May Stop the Spread of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer accounts for approximately 2% of all new cancer cases diagnosed each year.  When diagnosed early, before the onset of metastasis, which is the migration of cancer cells throughout the body, ovarian cancer is fairly treatable.  There is currently an urgent need, however, to find an effective ovarian cancer treatment to prevent metastasis.  Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the main components of hemp, has been proven to be an effective anti-cancer treatment against multiple types of cancers in various studies.

In 2017, Sullivan University College of Pharmacy in Louisville, Kentucky, researched the effects of CBD therapy on ovarian cancer cells.  When two types of cancer cell lines were treated with hemp extract containing CBD, cancer cell migration was reduced.  In one line, metastasis was significantly slowed across all CBD dosages tested.  The other line, when treated with 2.5-3.2 micrometers of CBD per cell, showed a decrease in cell migration similar to the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin. Based on their results, CBD showed definite anti-metastatic properties on ovarian cancer cells.

While more research is needed to ascertain the viability of using CBD for treating ovarian cancer, preliminary research shows there is definite reason for continued study.  We anticipate seeing more studies examining the effects of CBD on cancer cells.

To read more about the study from Sullivan University, click here.

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