CBD Administered During Peri-Adolescence Prevents Behavioral Abnormalities in Rats with an Animal Model of Schizophrenia

This study aimed to help prevent the emergence of schizophrenia in peri-adolescence by administering CBD to rats with an animal model of schizophrenia.

According to the Mayo Clinic schizophrenia is “a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.” There has been little advancement in the treatments for this disease and traditional medications offer poor assistance. This study, conducted by a group of Brazilian researchers, aimed to help prevent the emergence of schizophrenia in peri-adolescence, ages 9-11, by administering CBD to rats with an animal model of schizophrenia.

The rats were given either a placebo or CBD at 30 to 60 days after birth, with three experiments following. In the first experiment schizophrenia-like behaviors such as locomotor activity, social interaction and cognitive impairments were assessed on day 90. Side effects commonly associated with antipsychotic treatment were also evaluated throughout the treatment, including body weight gain and muscular rigidity and involuntary movement of the mouth, 48 hours post-treatment interruption and on post-natal day 90. In the second experiment, serum levels of triglycerides and glycemia were assessed on post-natal day 61. In the third experiment, levels of chronic pain, mood disorders and their metabolites were evaluated on post-natal days 61 and 90 in the prefrontal cortex and striatum.

The evaluation of these varied experiments determined that CBD administered to rats with an animal model of schizophrenia prevented the emergence of schizophrenia symptoms and lessened cognitive impairments. The treatment did not induce any motor or metabolic side effects. Treatment with CBD increased the prefrontal cortex 5-HIAA/serotonin ratio and the levels of 5-HIAA on post-natal days 61 and 90, respectively.

This study provides preclinical evidence for a safe and beneficial effect during treatment with CBD on preventing schizophrenia. More studies are required, however, to determine dosage and efficacy in adolescents to prevent the emergence of schizophrenia.

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