Synthetic CBD Reduces Tumors In Cancer Patients

//Synthetic CBD Reduces Tumors In Cancer Patients

Synthetic CBD Reduces Tumors In Cancer Patients

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CBD is widely used for pain management, nausea and cachexia associated with cancer, however, there have been no clinical studies for its use as an anticancer treatment.  The aim of this study was to access the effects of pharmaceutical-grade synthetic CBD oil in a range of cancer patients.

Researchers from London recruited 119 cancer patients who participated in a four year study.   Patients were administered synthetic CBD twice daily for a minimum of six month as they were closely monitored and had routine scans of their tumors taken.   Ninety-two of the patients exhibited a clinical response to treatment with patients experiencing a reduction in tumor size and a reduction in circulating tumor cells.  No side effects were reported by the patients.   The researchers concluded that pharmaceutical grade synthetic CBD is a candidate for treating breast cancer and glioma patients.  Further research is required before an FDA approved option would be available for consumers.

The full research article discussed above can be accessed here.

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