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Nectar CBD

Products include agave-sweetened hemp distillate CBD oil and a distillate-based topical, pet drops and pet treats.

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Organic Cultivation

Nectar CBD products are derived from 100% organically-cultivated ingredients.

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Our Nectar CBD products are manufactured with direct oversight, third-party tested and held to rigorous quality standards.

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Proudly Colorado

Nectar CBD hemp is derived from our organically-cultivated crops in sunny southern Colorado.

Nectar CBD In Words

"My sister has gone from having multiple seizures daily to only having them a couple of times a month.  We trust Veronika and her organic products to provide us with the highest quality of CBD.  We are so very grateful that her products are available to people in need."


Designation: Colorado

"I have PTSD and switched from taking 300mg of trazodone for sleep to CBD.  Since switching, I now fall asleep in one hour with no hang over feeling.   Great stuff, please try it."


Designation: Colorado

"I tried the Nectar 300 Pet Drops to see if it would help my older dog's anxiety while I was gone on vacation.  Not only was he calmer, but he was moving around better, as well!  I will continue to use this great product and would recommend it to anyone."


Designation: Colorado

"Nature, refined. It’s the most succinct description of the complexity of our products and the science-driven techniques utilized to create them."

Veronika, Founder

Company Name: Veronika Fernandez, Founder, Nectar CBD
Designation: Colorado

Our Products

Nectar CBD represents the most refined CBD available on the market.  Our product line is formulated with distillate, the purest full-spectrum hemp extract available and organic ingredients.  Our CBD oil products even taste like sweet agave nectar!

About Us

Hemp, refined.
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Nectar CBD is a Colorado-based company dedicated to providing consumers with ultra-refined and effective CBD-rich hemp distillate products.  Cultivated in southern Colorado, our hemp is derived from our organically and sustainably-cultivated crops.

Our Nectar CBD products are formulated with the most refined full-spectrum hemp extract available on the market: distillate.  Our Nectar CBD distillate is a full-spectrum organically-cultivated CBD-rich hemp extract which retains cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant nutrients.  Our products utilize organic ingredients because purity and quality of ingredients are paramount.

The Nectar CBD product line offers organically-derived CBD-rich products, formulated with distillate, in, tincture, topical and treat form for humans and their pets.

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